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Your escape in nature

La Granja Ecohotel is located in the green heart of Colombia, the department of Quindio. We are your escape in nature and we offer unique experiences such as "El Biciriel", birdwatching, and much more!

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Ya en la granja

Contamos con fibra optica de alta velocidad!
Tele-Trabajo en la naturaleza

El Quindio, A Hidden Paradise

Amid exotic nature between coffee plantations and world's tallest palm trees, we can find bright-colored towns and the smell of freshly brewed coffee. 

Salento, Quindio. Un pueblito con architectura colonial, colores exoticos, y una cultura cafetera
Piscina de La Granja Ecohotel

La Granja Ecohotel

Surrounded by more that 1,000 meters of "Guadua" (Colombian Bamboo) and the railroad of the Pacific since the year 1872, offering our guests a very  pleasant and family-friendly countryside stay!

Get to know our treehouse!

Casa del Árbol
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Why the name "ecohotel"?

Our mission is to effectively contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of the municipality of La Tebaida and the department of Quindío, through the promotion of the richness of biodiversity and culture. For which we have defined a sustainability policy that guides the actions of each of the establishment's areas and contributes to creating knowledge and awareness about sustainability among our customers, suppliers and business partners.


We are the FIRST hotel in Quindío to work towards obtaining an international certification for environmental tourism sustainability.

Enfocandonos el la naturaleza y la sostenibilidad turistica ambiental, recolectamos comida de nuestros propios cultivos organicos
Usamos La Totuma de La Granja Ecohotel para evitar el uso de vasos desechables

The Totuma

In favor of our natural resources, we do not use disposable cups! Instead, we provide each visitor with a TOTUMA (a natural container used by our ancestors) so everyone can enjoy the unlimited drinks we offer.

Architecture made in "Guadua"

In our environment we find many crops of "Guadua" (Colombian bamboo), therefore, we take advantage of this valuable resource and with it, we build a large part of our social areas. Thus we achieve a perfect harmony with our surrounding nature.

Arquitectura hecha en Guadua, Bamboo Colombiano, cultivado en La Granja Ecohotel

Our rooms

Spend the night in one of our private rooms. Immerse yourself in a decorative environment made of bamboo, collected from our own backyard. Wake up to the sounds of birds chirpping and the neigh of the horses. Smell the delicious aroma of coffee and enjoy a wonderful setting.

Featured Activities
El Famoso Bicieriel, una aventura por un ferrocarril restaurado en un carrito con bicicletas, dsifrutando de la naturaleza


A biking adventure on a reconstructed railroad track surrounded by incredible scenery


Pool and Jacuzzi

Heated water with sea salt


Bird Watching

Observe more than 120 exotic bird species in their natural habitat

How to get Here

We are located in La Tebaida, Quindio, Km 2.6 via al Valle

By land


25 minutes from Armenia to the municipality of La Tebaida.


2 hrs and 30 minutes approximately from Cali leaving for Yumbo, passing through Buga, Tulua and La Paila.


6 hrs and 30 minutes approximately from Bogotá through Ibagué.


The closest airport is El Eden Airport in Armenia and you can take a 5 minute Taxi to La Granja Ecohotel.


The airport of the city of Pereira is 1 hour and 20 minutes by car.


The Cali city airport is 2 hours away by car.

By plane

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